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Essential Self-Care Skincare Rituals for the Noelle Woman

by Noelle Australia |

The term ‘self-care’ has been thrown around a lot in the past year. That’s because unprecedented times have caused unprecedented stress. Lockdowns have forced us to spend more time at home and with ourselves and often this means bringing work and school into the sanctuary of our home. Self-care has become pivotal to maintaining health and happiness amongst the craziness.


Self-care doesn’t always need to be an hour-long bath (although it can be if you want it to). Self-care just needs to bring your focus and attention back to yourself.


Turning your self-care into a ritual can help by associating actions with feelings of Zen. That way you create calm in the ordinary, have an opportunity for quick and simple healing, and separate work, school and home where there aren’t any physical boundaries.


How Does the Noelle Woman Live?


The Noelle woman isn’t defined by what she does, but how she does it: with care. She cares about nature and does all she can to preserve it. She cares about the people in her life and tends to all of her relationships. Most importantly, she cares about her wellbeing and will take time out for a bit of self-love.


Noelle Woman balances busy with moments of quiet


Like all modern Australian women, she lives a busy life, but she doesn’t let that get in the way of living and acting with care. She could be career-focused, a stay-at-home Mum, or juggling both. She could be a homebody or social butterfly. She could be a baby-mama, fur mama or plant mama. Her idea of a holiday could be a road trip or a lavish resort stay.


No matter her lifestyle, the Noelle woman balances busy with moments of quiet so that she can thrive, and she does that through well-timed rituals that help her rest and recharge.


Take a cue from the Noelle woman and enrich your life with these easy, and yummy self-care rituals.


Start Your Day with Yourself


Noelle Woman - Starts her day with herself 

The Noelle woman lives by the old saying: ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. So, she starts her day with a moment to herself to keep her cup full. It doesn’t matter if her calendar is packed with appointments, if her kids are up and about early for school or if she has fur-babies that need feeding – she makes sure to squeeze in a self-care ritual each morning.


She knows that her morning self-care ritual will help her centre and focus so she can take on her day. So, what does she do and how can you follow suit?


Noelle woman - morning body scrubbing ritual 

She optimises her schedule by turning regular routines into luscious self-care rituals. Her morning shower isn’t just a shower. It’s a rejuvenating spa experience, even if it is only 2 minutes! She does this by harnessing the power of aromatic, natural products that awaken her senses and turn her focus to ‘the now’. Zesty sugar scrubs are great for this ritual. Citrus scents help to wake the mind and the smooth but tactile sensation of a scrub helps to focus attention.


Noelle woman - morning body moisturising ritual

If a morning shower isn’t on your routine, allow yourself to be enveloped by the energising aroma of citrus in a body butter or cream. Make a ritual out of moisturising. Use it as a chance to check in with your body and even massage over sore spots while nourishing your skin.


TRY: Use products with uplifting scents such as mandarin, lemon, orange and peppermint to help you wake up in the morning.


Noelle woman's morning skincare product line up

1. Woodland Energy Skin Smoothing Kit
2. Marine Regenerate Skin Smoothing Kit
3. Marine Regenerate Home Spa Kit


Maximise Rest with a Wind Down Ritual


Noelle Woman's night wind down ritual

At the end of the day, the Noelle woman turns to rituals that will help her unwind. A long, warm shower is her favourite way to wash the day away. Much like the morning shower ritual, she uses scented products to envelop her senses and elevate the experience.


To add a self-care routine to wind down at night, use your entire shower and post-shower as a daily treat. Start by playing some relaxing music to help you chill and turn the lights down in the bathroom if you can. Follow by indulging in a nice, long shower and cleanse with products infused with the calming, soothing and clean scent of eucalyptus.


Noelle Woman's Night Wind down Ritual Product Line Up 

After washing the day away, continue to prep your mind and body for a night of restful sleep by slowing your skincare routine down. Tend to the skin on your face first – you don’t want to let it get dry. After you’ve put moisture-rich serums, night, and eye creams on your face, wash your hands and get ready to nourish your body. Maximise the spa feeling by lighting a candle, turning down the lights and using a rich body butter.


Noelle Woman's night ritual of body mositurising

If you’ve ever done a yoga class, you might be familiar with a body scan. This is where the instructor talks you through Shavasana by guiding your attention from your head to your toes. The idea is to get you focused on the present moment. Do the same when you’re applying your body butter. Being present will also slow your mind and help you get better sleep.


TRY: Look for products scented with Eucalyptus and Lavender which are widely used in aromatherapy to help induce calm. At night, help your skin heal while you sleep by using antioxidant-rich Mountain Pepper and moisturising Kakadu Plum.




Noelle Woman's night bath wind down ritual product line up

1. Marine Regenerate Weekender Tote Bag
2. Celebration - Joy Panettone Candle




Noelle Woman's Night Face Line Up



1. Kakadu Plum Organic Brighten + Renew Night Cream
2. Kakadu Plum Organic Lighten + Firm Eye Cream
3. Outback Nourish Face Serum


Pre-Party Primp Session


Noelle Woman's Pre Party Primp Ritual

Whether she’s a socialite or shy, the Noelle woman likes to put her best foot forward at social events like weddings or a night out. She loves to indulge in extra-special rituals to help her get her glow on.


Noelle Woman's Body Soaking Pre Party Primp 

A few hours before the event, run a nice long bath if you have one. Drop in a bath bomb that is infused with skin-loving oils and fresh scents like mandarin and to get you in the mood to party. Pump some of your favourite songs to sing while you use sugar scrub to get your skin smooth.


Noelle Woman's Pre Party Hair Treatment  

Be sure to show some extra love to your locks with nourishing ingredients like Quandong and Wattleseed. If you don’t have a bath, you can still hop in the shower and have a little boogie while treating your hair and body with an energising wash. Keep the tunes turned up while you lather your skin with a Tasmanian Brown Seaweed lotion that will lock all that yummy moisture in.


TRY: Go for energising citrus scents to get you perked up and ready. A whiff of orange or mandarin through the night will help you feel fresh. For a gorgeous glow, buff your skin with a sugar scrub and hydrate your hair and skin with moisture-loving Quandong and Tasmanian Brown Seaweed.


Noelle Woman's Pre-party primp ritual products

1. Australian Wilderness Bath Bomb Wardrobe
2. Marine Regenerate Hair & Body Wash 
3. Marine Regenerate Hair Conditioner
4. Marine Regenerate Body Oil


Self-Care SOS


Noelle Woman's SOS Ritual The Noelle woman is real and life can still get the best of her. She knows that #stresshappens, and rather than trying to run on empty, she turns to one of her SOS rituals to help her find balance.


If she needs an SOS on-the-go because she’s out or at work – she gives herself a moment with hand massage. A hand cream infused with the strong and soothing scent of eucalyptus is her go-to in these situations. Slowly massaging the lotion into her hands, focusing on the rubbing sensation on her palms and between fingers helps her to calm her mind and body.


Noelle Woman's SOS skincare ritual product line up 

If she’s at home, she’ll get elaborate with her SOS. This will usually involve a soothing bath or a relieving massage from her other half. To add an at-home SOS ritual to your self-care toolkit, look for products with a calming eucalyptus scent. You’ll also want to use skin-nourishing products to minimise skin irritation – this will help you feel your best.


When life gets the better of you, it’s important to go above and beyond to heal yourself so that you can get back on track feeling strong! A lovely scented candle is your best friend in an SOS situation. You’ll want to treat all your senses so that you feel utterly pampered.


Noelle Woman's SOS massage ritual to relieve stress


Eucalyptus can be your scent hero here, so make the most of it by dropping a Eucalyptus-infused bath bomb into your warm bath. Take the time to watch it fizzle away and imagine all your stress fizzing away with it.


If you can ask a significant other, family member or housemate to give you a shoulder, back or arm massage do so! The Noelle woman is giving, so she can receive that care and love in return. An SOS moment is the perfect time for that. Make your massage even more rejuvenating by using a product that will help your skin feel silky smooth too.


TRY: Along with Eucalyptus, look for products with Lavender and Peppermint for more soothing power. Enriching Macadamia Oil, Geranium and Tasmanian Brown Seaweed will help your skin glow which will work wonders for boosting your confidence.


Noelle Woman's SOS product line up 

1. Rainforest Stress Relief Mini Body Care Coffret
2. Rainforest Stress Relief Duo Hand Care Kit
3. Rainforest Stress Relief Massage Oil


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