Australian Landmark Votive Candle Set


Journey through Australia in the most enchanting way, from Whitehaven Beach on Chirs Hemsworth’s Australian bucket list, to Blue Mountain listed as a UNESCO World-Heritage-Area, or to  Ballarat with its heritage tied to the Gold Rush era, or to Australia’s largest wilderness location, Kakadu National Park, or to the extraordinary desert plains of Flinders Ranges, or finally wrapping up your journey in the world’s most livable town, Margaret River.

These 6 unique ambiances of Australian Wilderness will be sure to take your breath away.



Explore the idyllic ambiance of Australian Wilderness at home, curated for your daily rituals.


Australian Landmark Votive Candle Set Includes:

• QLD Beach Surge Candle 65g
• NSW Mountain Haze Candle 65g
• VIC Gold Medal Candle 65g
• NT Forest Spell Medal Candle 65g
• SA Earthy Echo 65g
• WA Gourmet Escape 65g