PEACE Champagne Diffuser


It was summer in Australia, during the Christmas vacation of 2006.  Trekking through the natural wilderness, we immersed in her pristine landscapes, from fields of blooming wildflowers in the deserts to the unscathed mountains and forests.  Our perceptions of adventure had never been the same again.

Celebrating Christmas in the wilderness with dipping dragonflies, dancing butterflies and singing birds was an unusual romantic affair.  It was a peaceful moment for us to savour the natural luxury of Australia and the ceremonial inception of NOELLE.

So here’s to you!  Celebrate a peaceful moment in your life with the sweet, powerful perfume of champagne and the exotic notes of spices.

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Inspired by the alluring glamour of precious metals, CELEBRATION is a collection of ultra-luxurious and triple-scented ambiance diffusers designed to continuously fill any space with a distinctive and memorable fragrance while delighting your senses with its artistic and decorative touch.


The metallic base is crafted with beautiful hand-cast ornaments inspired by natural elements from the Australian wilderness.  It is painstakingly hand-polished, spot-painted and silver-plated to accentuate the one-of-a-kind natural luxury of Australia.